About us

Dataflow Group is an international software solutions and services provider co-located between Dublin, Ireland and Beirut, Lebanon.

For over 25 years now, Dataflow software applications and expertise continue to successfully empower the public sector, large scale enterprises, and small and medium size businesses across the Middle East and North Africa region. 

Dataflow has been active in the healthcare sector for many years, supporting hospitals and healthcare professionals with innovative solutions. In recent years, Dataflow has invested heavily in the development of its own full hospital information management system, HealthFlow.

Recent Projects


Dataflow has collaborated with Santovia to develop a comprehensive Patient Advocacy platform in the United States, connecting Healthcare Providers, Electronic Health/Medical Record providers, Insurance companies, and businesses, to offer patients increased engagement in the management of their healthcare needs.


Ministry of Public Health Lebanon

Dataflow has collaborated with Lebanon’s Ministry of Public Health to introduce a national medication management platform to track medicines from point of entry into the country through their delivery cycle, and protect consumers.

Ministry of Public Health


Dataflow provides cutting-edge technology to healthcare providers across the Middle East.